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  • add an SSL certificate to your website and get this https green padlock

    Add SSL Certificate to Your Website

    $ 99.00

    A secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol is used to encrypt transfer of information between your site and your customer, and between your site and other servers. This helps to secure information like credit card numbers, personal customer details, and more.

    Cap Web Solutions will update your DNS, modify your website to change all URLs from http to https, and create the needed redirection rules so that your website traffic remains unaffected and your SEO mojo stays with your domain.




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  • Cap Web WPcare Small Project

    $ 49.00

    Small Project Hourly Effort

    ⇒Services and requests that are bigger than a tiny-task

      • Estimate provided
      • Minimum charge – 2 hours
      • Billed in 30 minute increments

    ⇒ Set the minimum number of hours based on our estimate

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  • Co-work Session | 1 Hr

    $ 59.00

    Add-on WordPress website consulting.

    We have already worked together and you need a quick refresher, or want to kick around some new ideas. Anything and everything.

    • Have a question about WordPress?
    • Need some help on a tweak?
    • WooCommerce store not doing what you want it to do?
    • How about some good ol’ one-on-one time with a WordPress specialist?

    I provide WordPress consultation service by the hour. Since this is a continuation of a previous session, the standard two-hour minimum does not apply.

    I use for our screen sharing tool, with its combined audio and video conferencing, to deliver this online, real-time service, scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

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  • Hosting Migration

    $ 119.00

    Hosting Migration

    Host migration includes migration (“move”) of your website from your current host, or hosting plan, to a new host, or hosting plan. It includes the following:
    – complete migration backup of your wp-content files and database
    – working with your domain registrar to reconfigure DNS and nameservers as required
    – installation of WordPress on the new hosting server
    – update wp-config,php
    – restoration of wp-content and database to new host
    – testing domain propagation (requires 2 – 48 hours waiting period, depending on registrar)
    – establish/test new SFTP/FTP login
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  • SSL Certificate

    $ 49.00

    SSL Certificate for your WP Engine hosted site.

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  • Website General Support

    $ 59.00
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  • Website One-Off Task

    $ 59.00

    One task | job | tweak | change

    Could be anything that we can do in about 30 minutes.

    Completed in 1 business day!

    Click here to see examples.

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  • WordPress Consulting by Cap Web Solutions and a coffee

    WordPress Consulting

    $ 59.00

    WordPress consulting by the hour with a two hour minimum purchase.

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  • WordPress Consulting by Cap Web Solutions and a coffee

    WordPress Consulting & Initial Troubleshooting

    $ 118.00

    WordPress consulting and troubleshooting – initial consultation. Up to 2 hours.

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  • WordPress Update for Older Sites

    $ 119.00

    WordPress Core Update

    WordPress Core Update is necessary when you are bringing an older (pre v4.7) WordPress site under Cap Web WPcare coverage. This update frequently requires considerable work with older plugins and hosts. If your plugins are not compatible with the current release of WordPress Cap Web Solutions will offer recommendations for replacement. The addition of new plugins and/or features is not covered under this fixed fee task.
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